Heyon Han (Born on 22. April 1985 in Busan, Republic of Korea) is a studio based artist, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

She finished her Fine Art Bachelor at Hongik University, Seoul, Korea, and received a Meisterschuler degree from Prof. Michael Stevenson at the Akademie der Bildende Künste in Nürnberg.


Her multi-disciplinary practice begins with rapid problem-solving technologies and attempts to translate them into materiality.

Her interest is to lay bare uneven innovation, by the collaboration of digital culture and real life objects that share in the joy and fear of capitalism.


Pixelache Festival 2019 Breaking The Fifth Wall, Helsinki, Finland


Don’t You Blame Anyone (Future Comes Quickly), curated by Övül Ö. Durmusoglu
Akademie Gallery, Nürnberg
Thomas Noesler Kunsthalle, with Yorgos Sapountzis, Salzburg
Every Breath You Take, curated by Yorgos Sapountzis, Salzburg

Wildraum. Die Probe, curated by Joel Mu, Pavillon 27, AdBK, Nürnberg
Going Headless, curated by Övül Ö. Durmusoglu, AdBK, Nürnberg
Don’t pause the printer, Akademie Gallery, Nürnberg
Instant Materialism, Film screening, Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften,
Multifunktionsraum, AdBK, Nürnberg

Un-stable.eu, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
ENDMART, Ehemaliger Kaufhof, Nürnberg
Sunshine Creepwave, Z-Bau, Nürnberg
Entering the flow, curated by Simone Neuenschwander and Judith Grobe, AdBK, Nürnberg
Terra Recognita, Z-Bau, Nürnberg

P V Z M I D B Y T P _ The things we’re willing to believe, Kunstverein Nürnberg
On Dynamics and Monuments, Kunstverein Nürnberg
Extending the Serving Library, with Stuart Bailey, Tate Liverpool

Figures of Conjunction, Kunstverein Nürnberg
First Pancake: Publishing & Commentary, AdBK, Nürnberg
Rupture Caption, Die Vitrine, Nürnberg
Side AB, Boracay, Phillipinnes

Retreat in progress, our tent is open except when shut, with Ines Kaag and
Desirée Heiß of BLESS and Nuno de Luz, Aula, AdBK, Nürnberg

Commercial Break, our line runs through your building, Neues Museum,


Prizes & Scholarships
Academy Prize group project Karaoke Analytica, AdBK, Nürnberg 2018
Academy Prize Future Doesn’t Owe You Anything, AdBK, Nürnberg 2017
Ausländerstipendium Bayern, AdBK, Nürnberg 2013 - 2016
Oskar Karl Forster 2015

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